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Earth Designs Cooperative began as a vision conceived by Aja Hudson.  After over a decade of running a successful landscaping company, she enlisted her crew to transition from sole proprietorship to a worker-owned cooperative. Aja had spent several years dreaming of how to contribute to social and economic change that could occur on a cultural scale. She wanted to offer sustainable jobs that engaged employees on a deeper level, to break from the business-as-usual standards that value profits above people, and to share in the joys and struggles of democratic leadership.

After a year of immersion in the principles and practices of worker-cooperatives, the founding members officially converted the company in 2016. The following years were spent shaping shared values into practices and policies that challenge oppressive workplace standards, making space for employees to have a voice in their work and in company-wide policies. EDC’s framework for decision-making is centered on the importance of meaningful work and fulfillment. Accordingly, emphasis is placed on supporting personal growth through providing opportunities for professional development founded on principles of integrity, communication, committed work ethic, cooperation, and heart-focus. As the company continues along the trajectory of the new economy, we plan to expand community engagement through education, further exemplifying the knowledge of how transparency and connection lead to trust and empowerment.  

As this model of a sustainable work-culture has taken shape, so has EDC’s capacity for project-management and client services. Our ecologically progressive approach to landscape design and maintenance aims to benefit all life-forms and is driven by a nature-inspired aesthetic. The services we offer are focused on facilitating a sense of connection to nature for both our clients and staff. We are passionate about the profound beauty of a well-designed garden and are committed to fulfilling the critical task of responding to the regenerative needs of the landscape and fostering knowledge and respect for the intricacies of the ecosystem in which we live and work.

“Earth Designs arrived at our home and within two days transformed a weed infested ugly bank into an attractive easy to care for stone garden complete with ferns and grasses to soften the look. The staff was hardworking, efficient, and took care with other features of our property. If we have another project we need completed, we would not hesitate to hire them again. We continue to appreciate and enjoy the tremendous improvement in our yard!”

Cheryl and Joe Kosarek August 7, 2016

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