Our Mission:
Earth Designs Cooperative curates ecologically resilient landscapes, transforming current narratives of land use from exploitation to regeneration by connecting people to place.

Tommy Guerrero, Meadow Specialist • Jolie Herbst, Site Manager • Aja Hudson, Executive Director • Erin Domagal, Creative Director • Maria Vigna, Site Manager • Colin McDonough, Equipment Manager • Conor Corbett, Irrigation Specialist

Aja Hudson
Executive Director, Lead Designer, Founding Member, Owner
Erin Domagal
Creative Director, Design Team, Founding Member, Owner
Jolie Herbst
Site Manager, Design Team, Founding Member, Owner
Maria Vigna
Site Manager, Design Team, Owner
Conor Corbett
Irrigation Department Manager, Founding Member, Owner
Tommy Guerrero
Meadow Department Manager, Owner
Colin McDonough
Equipment Manager, Forester, Owner
Alan LeFevre
Equipment Supervisor, Owner
Alessandra Guarino
Research and Development
Angela DeFelice
Operations Manager
Alison Gruber
Office Manager
Jonathan Daniel
Nursery Manager


“Earth Designs arrived at our home and within two days transformed a weed infested ugly bank into an attractive easy to care for stone garden complete with ferns and grasses to soften the look. The staff was hardworking, efficient, and took care with other features of our property. If we have another project we need completed, we would not hesitate to hire them again. We continue to appreciate and enjoy the tremendous improvement in our yard!”

Cheryl and Joe Kosarek August 7, 2016