what is a cooperative?

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A worker cooperative is a business that is owned, managed, and governed by its employees. As worker-owners, employees participate in the oversight, direction, and profits of the business in a democratic manner. At EDC, our Board of Directors is composed of 4-6 worker-owners and one Independent Director who does not work for EDC, all of whom are voted in by the Members. The Board oversees the management team and makes decisions on behalf of all of the worker-owners, regarding the future of the company in a democratic manner.

IMG_2581 adjAt EDC, our conversion to a worker coop was inspired by a desire to support (and retain) our employees through increased financial gains & the sense of purpose that comes with ownership responsibility. We strive to create meaningful social & economic change through modeling a business structure that bolsters each of us individually & collectively, rather than encouraging overly competitive standards. As a small company, this system allows us to delegate responsibility into different departments within our realm of gardening work, improving communication with clients and within the EDC team (management & crew), which serves to create a more intimate connection to the land we maintain and the mission of our work.

“Earth Designs arrived at our home and within two days transformed a weed infested ugly bank into an attractive easy to care for stone garden complete with ferns and grasses to soften the look. The staff was hardworking, efficient, and took care with other features of our property. If we have another project we need completed, we would not hesitate to hire them again. We continue to appreciate and enjoy the tremendous improvement in our yard!”

Cheryl and Joe Kosarek August 7, 2016